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11 January 2010 @ 06:04 pm
What are some awesome pieces that you think aren't played nearly enough? I'm looking for something to play this semester a bit outside of the typical flute repertoire. I played the Liebermann Concerto last semester, so stuff in that range of difficulty would probably be the best. Thanks in advance!

(I've been listening to the Khachaturian Concerto, trying to decide whether or not I'm up to learning it... does anyone know if it's as ridiculously hard to learn as it sounds like it is?)
Jaxie: playful spock0opsiedaisy on January 12th, 2010 05:00 am (UTC)

Okay, now that that's done...
I've heard that the Khachaturian Concerto is incredibly difficult because of breathing issues, especially in the last movement--after all, it was originally a violin concerto. But it sounds like a riot to play, and if you want to, then I say go for it!

Also, if you liked the Liebermann Concerto, maybe look at his sonata, because it also has some great moments. I'm trying to think of what other pieces I wanted to play (I also had the desire/tendency to stray from the typical repertoire path)...I would say that Rodrigo's Concierto Pastoral would provide a worthy challenge! And if you're looking for something more on the classical side, then I would suggest (as a somewhat more mainstream piece, but nevertheless beautiful, and could never be played too much) Schubert's Variations on Trockne Blumen. One more, which is much easier than what else I have listed but still excellent is the flute transcription of Dvorak's violin sonata. If you like his ninth symphony, you'll like this piece a lot as well.

You may have just inspired me to drag that concerto back out just to mess around with it and see what I remember...I switched my concentration from flute to voice a year ago, and I haven't looked at the Liebermann Concerto in at least as long. It's a great piece, though, I definitely remember that! :)
cognosco on January 15th, 2010 08:18 am (UTC)
Awesome, thank you so much for the recs! I will definitely give them a listen. :)